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Dynamics 365 fundamentals

Course Code: MSF-0013


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Course Overview

Dynamics 365 is a multi-faceted tool for Customer Engagement, Unified Operations, Marketing, Retail and Talent management. This course will familiarize the learner with Dynamics 365 functionality and business value. The course will cover Dynamics 365 applications, the Power Platform, cloud concepts, the security model, and licensing considerations. A review of each Dynamics 365 application will include in-depth demonstrations of real-world business scenarios where Dynamics 365 represents a unified solution.

What You’ll Learn:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the Dynamics 365 application offerings
  • Demonstrate the business value of the Power Platform
  • Understand cloud and Azure concepts
  • Understand licensing, deployment and release concepts
  • Find Dynamics 365 implementation support


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • A basic understanding of IT principles.
  • An interest of the business value of Dynamics 365.


Module 1: Introduction to Business Applications

Description: In this module, all Business Application modules and functionalities will be introduced, focusing on Customer Engagement, Unified Operations, the Power Platform, and their corresponding business applications.

Brief objectives: After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify Customer Engagement, Unified Operations and Power Platform applications
  • Describe business scenarios where Dynamics 365 are leveraged

Lesson 1: Overview of apps

Lesson 2: Apps for Customer Engagement

Lesson 3: Apps for Unified Operations

Lesson 4: Business scenarios and demos

Lesson 5: The Power Platform

Lesson 6: Module summary

Module 2: Cloud concepts

Description: In this module, we discuss high-level cloud concepts and introduce Microsoft’s cloud offering, Azure, examining its relationship with Dynamics 365.

Brief objectives: After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe Microsoft’s cloud offering, Azure
  • Compare cloud and on-premises offerings

Lesson 1: Overview of cloud architecture

Lesson 2: Different types of cloud services

Lesson 3: Module summary

Module 3: Managing deployments and releases

Description: In this module, we cover important implementation considerations, including types of deployments, release cadences, and security model design.

Brief objectives: After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Design a Dynamics 365 role-based security model
  • Select the appropriate deployment type for your organization
  • Describe the differences between types of releases

Lesson 1: Types of deployments

Lesson 2: Types of releases

Lesson 3: Security concepts and roles

Lesson 4: GDPR

Lesson 5: Module summary

Module 4: Licensing, onboarding and support

Description: This module empowers the learner to get started with Dynamics 365 by exploring licensing options and finding implementation support.

Brief objectives: After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Explain how to find and leverage the partner network
  • Choose the right licensing option for your organization
  • Procure a Dynamics 365 trial

Lesson 1: Finding a partner

Lesson 2: Licensing options

Lesson 3: Getting started with Dynamics 365

Lesson 4: Module summary

Course Staff

Derik Bormann

Derik Bormann

Microsoft Business Solutions MVP

Derik is a Microsoft Business Solutions MVP based in Minnesota. He works with customers around the globe providing training, consulting, mentoring, and implementation guidance. Derik is a regular contributor to CRM Tip of Day ( The website is run and managed by several Dynamics CRM MVPs and consultants. Tips are posted every day and are based on past experiences and new features. As part of Tip of Day, Derik runs their YouTube Channel. He posts weekly videos related to Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 ( He is very passionate about issues that impact technology and has had the privilege to speak to elected officials at the US Capitol on topics of technology legislation such as 5G and the importance of STEM education in our K-12 schools. Derik routinely delivers Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advanced level training to customers, partners, and Microsoft employees around the world. He often collaborates and authors content that is available on multiple training platforms including OpenEdx and the Microsoft Learn platform. In is free time, Derik is all about spending time skiing, boating, and enjoying his wife and two kids.



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