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Masterclass - Creative Branding on Digital

Course Code: CDM-0006


  •   Access to course content
  •   No access to labs
  •   Certificate not included


  •   Access to course content
  •   Access to all course labs
  •   Blockchain Enabled Certificate and Badges


A 4-hour, expert-led, and live online training where you will dive into the principles on how to develop a creative mindset, how to tell your brand story in a digital-first landscape, and how to get insights that can help fuel impactful and effective creatives.


By the end of the program, the participants will be able to learn the ideation and development process of remarkable digital creatives.


Marketing stakeholders, digital marketing professionals, or agency talents handling creative solutions in digital media. This course is also perfect for Marketing Heads, Creative Decision Makers, Copywriters, and professionals wanting to join a creative or advertising agency.


Start or accelerate your career in digital marketing! This program is part of the CDM Content Marketer Track.


  • Essential Mindset for Creatives
    • What is a Creative Mindset?
    • How to Develop a Creative Mindset?
  • Branding on Digital
    • What is Brand Storytelling?
    • Why Storytelling Matters
    • Storytelling Strategies (Multimedia, Crossmedia, Transmedia)
    • Difference Between Content Marketing vs. Brand Storytelling
  • Brand Setting
    • Uncovering Brand Purpose and Persona
    • Setting Brand Tone and Voice
  • Objectives and Insights as Sources of Inspiration: Storytelling with a Purpose
    • Setting SMART Objectives
    • Types of Design Objectives
    • Ideation Methods
    • Case Studies
    • Storytelling Elements
    • How to Build Your Brand Online Through Storytelling


Get involved online
Unlike your regular recorded webinar and online class, the Online Masterclass on Creative Branding on Digital is an expert-led, live online class using a learning platform that connects our Students with our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Wherever you are, get involved and connected with your SMEs and other learners, go through the lectures, ask questions, and interact on class activities. CDM Facilitators will also be there to make sure everyone is engaged, moderate the class, and support you on Q&A and other challenges.

Share new learnings with team
We have designed the program into bite-sized lectures with in-between individual and group breakout sessions. In your breakout sessions, you will be tasked to interact, share and solve real digital marketing problems so you can sharpen your digital marketing and strategic skills. Learn with your teams through virtual meeting rooms, work-through activities, and earn points! A good mix of learning tools and apps will be used including: GoToWebinar, Zoom, Kahoot, Mentimeter, Google Hangouts, and Google Slides, to name a few.

Never stop learning
Get more content in between sessions through our Student Learning Portal. These will help you learn in your own time and will forever be accessible.

1. Student Learning Portal
Once enrolled, log in to your Student Learning Portal account. Gain lifetime access to your supplementary learning materials, which include program presentations, readings, videos, case studies, etc.

2. Expert-led, Live Online Class
Wherever you are, tune-in to your scheduled live online lecture and discussion with SMEs. Through an online learning platform, be involved in real-time lectures, engage with peer students, and ask questions.

3. Interactive Breakout Sessions
In-between the live lectures, you will work on interactive breakout sessions for a collaborative and enhanced social learning experience with your fellow learners! This is aided by virtual meeting rooms & workspaces.

4. Facilitated Online Learning
Throughout your online learning journey, there will be CDM Facilitators present to guide and assist you in your learning. They are available to make sure that all students are engaged, moderated, and supported for the best student experience.

5. Official Digital CDM Certification
At the end of your online classes, you will receive a Certificate of Participation.


A CDM Online Masterclass features the best-of-the-best experts who are sought-after industry experts in a field of specialization through breadth and depth of experience. They form part of CDM’s 200+ Subject Matter Experts. In CDM’s Online Masterclass, we give you access to connect, consult, ask questions, and learn about a specialty class direct from the masters. These highly experienced professionals have made a name for themselves in specialty topics they will be teaching you in our classes.

CDM’s Online Masterclass is designed using the same Understanding by Design (UBD), an instructor-led principle that we are known for. You are getting the same credibility, integrity, and the highest standard of digital education and will allow you to network with and be part of a growing community of like-minded professionals and lifelong learners.


Our programs are conducted by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are industry experts and thought leaders. CDM boasts of 200+ SMEs network as partners who provide ongoing feedback on program design and syllabus, latest best practices, case studies and digital trends.


2022 DATES

  • SCHEDULE A: October 15, 2022, 8:00AM-12:00NN

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